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Welcome to the definitive resource for all your romantic needs

This site has been created for St Valentine's day, but should prove useful all year round (had you forgotten that anniversary of your first kiss?).

You'll find a wealth of suggestions and advice on the following topics:

  • Romantic Gifts
  • Romantic Things to Do
  • Romantic Things to Say
  • Planning that Romantic Dinner for Two

I'd like you to be part of this site - please let me know if you want to see anything else on the site, or suggest a site for the links page.

TOP TIP: Feedback about Douglas de Hundesham's love poetry has been amazing! For example:
"Thank you so much for the poem - it is totally amazing, I can't believe how accurate and well defined it is!! You have worked wonders, I never knew someone could put the way I feel about him into words, well done you are a miracle worker!"
Click here to commission your own poem from Douglas de Hundesham - you'll be amazed how this man's talent will capture your feelings for your loved one!

I wish you long and happy romance,


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